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augusto dal cero line


Augusto was the founder of our winery, and so we dedicated to him our most outstanding, prestigious wines.
The objective of this line is to offer the very finest qualities that our vineyards are capable of giving us, as we tend our vines as we were taught to do by our grandparents, in an uncompromisingly NATURAL fashion, with absolutely no chemicals of any kind, and inspired by tenets of BIODYNAMIC farming, with a sole purpose: transforming our magnificent, healthy grapes into wine in the least invasive manner possible.


Cortona DOC Syrah

This wine, launched in 2007 and profoundly iconic of the Tenuta di Montecchiesi, is the fruit of a meticulous selection of grapes grown on the Cortona wine estate, which lies at an average elevation of 280 metres. Made with near-obsessive care and in strictly limited quantities, Dal Cero Klanis is recognised as a wine of superb quality, a characteristic amply demonstrated by the awards from many international wine competitions.


Soave Superiore DOCG (Runcata vineyard cru)

The Runcata vineyard was a prime objective of founder Augusto Dal Cero, who planted its first vines upon his return from the war in Africa. Its position is remarkable, perched on the ridge that connects two extinct strato-volcanoes, Calvarina and Crocetta, which provide its soil, composed of tuff and grey and black lavas.

Cuvèe Augusto

Lessini Durello DOC, zero dosage

This non-dosage sparkling wine boasts extraordinary structure, a fascinating fusion of innovation and tradition. Appearing a pale gold-flecked, deep yellow, it develops a long-lingering bead of tiny bubbles. Its maturation in large Austrian oak ovals gives it its utterly distinctive character.

Augusto Dal Cero Gold Selection

The Tenuta Montecchiesi in Tuscany yields this special reserve dedicated to winery founder Augusto Dal Cero. Produced in limited quantities, it is reserved for our finest customers.


Toscana IGT Rosé

Versý in Rose is the fruit of Davide Dal Cero’s great passion for rosé wines. An innovative wine that is truly unique in Italy, this transgressive rosé is made predominantly from the Syrah grape, which is grown on the family’s Tenuta Montecchiesi estate in Cortona.
But it is given a touch of Vermentino as well, hence the name Ver (Vermentino) Sy (Syrah).
An elegant, stylish wine, crisp and fresh, it exhibits a bouquet redolent of blossoms and romanticism.
Versý, one might say, is a truly verse in the key of pink!