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An ancient city with Etruscan origins, Cortona still preserves its centuries-old walls. It boasts many famous figures who have lived here, including Luca Signorelli and Fra Angelico in the Renaissance, Pietro Berrettini in the Baroque era, and Gino Severini in the Futurist period.
But its true source of fascination is the unique, magical atmosphere that one breathes in here, in a town that seems like some vast, open-air parlour, where for a day one can pause and re-centre oneself.

Cortona overlooks the Valdichiana, offering a breath-taking 180o panoramic view as far as the borders of Umbria and Lake Trasimeno.

In Cortona, one can stroll the picturesque streets, sit beneath a piece of

history and savour a fine wine, or dine in a family-run restaurant, enjoying the warmth of the locals and discovering the genuine flavours of the past.
Fascinating churches and museums await the visitor here, or one can purchase hand-crafted jewellery or enjoy an open-air concert while sipping a fabulous Syrah.

This small town succeeds in preserving its intriguing medieval character and its Etruscan heritage, all of it beautifully integrated into that superb Tuscan culture. Truly a one-of-a-kind experience that no one should miss.