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tenuta di corte giacobbe


Roncà is a small town just a few kilometres from Soave, in the eastern part of the denomination. The medieval village of Soave represents the third main tourist destination in this area, after Verona and Lake Garda. Part of its fame is due to its wine; many people, in fact, still maintain that the village takes its name from the wine, called Soave for its smooth tastiness. The name goes back, however, to the term Suebi, the classic name for the Swabians, a barbarian tribe from eastern Europe that settled here just after the fall of the Roman Empire and the invasions that followed. The location was perfect: a rocky promontory bordering on the plain, right above the Via Postumia, which in all likelihood passed nearby. The town is dominated today by a castle from

the Scaliger era, on which focus the concentric circles of walls that enfold the entire town. The castle affords a breath-tasking view out over the countryside below and the endless expanse of vineyards. Any tour of the Soave surroundings must perforce start here. The castle’s origins go back to the High Middle Ages, or perhaps even earlier, to the Roman period, but Cansignorio della Scala gave it its current appearance in 1369. With its impressive gates, crenelated parapets, drawbridges and portcullises, weapons collections, and huge donjon, it is a magnificent example of medieval military construction. Those not afraid of heights will treasure a walk along its ramparts, with their panoramic views over the surrounding landscape.


Tenuta di Corte Giacobbe