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dal cero in valpolicella


The Valpolicella area lies north of Verona, bordering Lake Garda on the west; on the east and north it is protected by the Monti Lessini. It extends into the band of hills at the foot of the Verona Pre-Alps, which in turn belong to the eastern Alps.

The landscape of Valpolicella is of extreme fascination, due to its wealth of geologically-diverse components. Composed of valleys that run north-south, Valpolicella seems like a fan of valleys that take their point of departure from Verona.

Most of the land is hilly, and dominated almost everywhere by vineyards, alternating with olive groves and cherry orchards.
The distinctiveness of Valpolicella’s geology and climate

contribute in large part to the uniqueness, authenticity, and traditional characteristics of its wines.

The vineyards are traditionally trained to the local “Verona pergola.” The area’s grapegrowers set great store by traditional vineyard practices, but with an eye to innovation as well; the Consorzio per la Tutela dei Vini Valpolicella (the Consortium for the Protection of Valpolicella Wines) has for many years encouraged use of practices consistent with respect for the environment and the growing area.


Dal Cero in Valpolicella