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The markets today are conversations; they are twitters, posts, likes.
It is crucial to understand, but even more so to listen to what people are saying, in order to appreciate which wine they will like.
If it is true that wine is being increasingly appreciated, it is likewise true that ways of consuming it are changing constantly in Italy, across the globe, and with the new generations.

Critical attention must be paid to expectations related to drinkability, taste, and richness of flavour—all qualities that have always been hallmarks of the Dal Cero family style. Right from its very beginnings, the Dal Ceros have always seen wine as a way of reaching out and encountering others, a way of communicating through one’s senses, in frank simplicity. Simplicity, however, in no way implies banality. Just the contrary. Although the Dal Cero vineyards do not have official organic or biodynamic certification, the family’s philosophy is based on the concept of nature in balance. That means ensuring, in a purely natural way, balanced soil and protection of all its organisms, in order to obtain sound, healthy grapes and, therefore, high-quality wines.

Simplicity and the very essence

Simplicity, for the Dal Ceros, means the elimination of anything that does not facilitate, or impedes, conveying the quintessence, expressing the innermost character of a terroir, giving voice to each individual wine. The world may change, but what will never change is the passion that binds this family to the earth, to work that one performs personally and directly.