export manager

Francesca Dal Cero

Moving nimbly between a range of tasks involving both overseeing winery communications as well as the foreign export program, Francesca embodies the ability of women to attend to many responsibilities at once, not least carefully raising her young daughter, always with the awareness that a smile is the best friend—even in tough negotiations.

manager of production and winemaking

Davide Dal Cero

Here is a youthful vineyardist of already-great stature. You will see Davide driving a truck at dawn, or on a tractor going up the trails of hillside vineyards, but you also find him hand-applying the labels on his wines. He grew up presciently aware of everything around him, and the family quickly entrusted him with responsibilities in the vineyards and in wine production. He has the reassuring understanding of one who bears on his shoulders three generations of expertise.

Manager, Italy

Nico Dal Cero

Nico, half-brother of Davide and Francesca, has responsibility for development of the Italian market, distribution, and restaurant channel development for the Dal Cero brand, all of which have exhibited significant and efficient growth over the past few years. He leads a broad-based brand network focusing on the restaurant trade and on distribution.